Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oops I did it again!

Try not to be surprised. I know your thinking, "not Sherry, I know her and she is always so graceful and smooth". Sorry to bust your bubble but here it goes. It was late and Jim had already gotten into bed and I was hurrying to get there and the lights were out and the kind considerate wife I am didn't want to disturb him so I quickly leaned over to take my pants off and WHAM! I slammed my head onto my nightstand. I was screaming and writhing in pain flipping my body around in intense pain. Then about 5 min. later I hear Jim say weakly and disconcertingly, "you ok?" It left a huge bump between my eyes and the black and blue went to both eyes and down my nose. People were sure giving Jim strange looks. The purple bruise were on both eyelids and everyone thought I was experimenting with purple eyeshadow.
This was after I went to Fred Meyers and tripped and fell by the entrance. Bless Lacey for picking me up. How humiliating. Next I was hurring in the back entrance and hit the bench and put a bleeding gap in my shin. A cute bleeding triangle. That's not all. As I was leaving, I fell over a caution cone. The end

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