Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big news!

Congrats. Katie and Ryan on your brand new home in Killeen Texas. What a great place to put my new GRANDSON! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY ITS A BOY! I didn't think it was possible. HAlaluiah.

Lacey Gets Her License!

The rumors are true. Lacey is legal. No more riding dirty.

Larry visits

Larry swung by and visited. Jim was excited to have a little buddy to watch football with. Notice the male bonding.

Christmas Caroling

One of our favorite traditions is to go caroling and deliver goodies. We chose the worst weather day where everyone was snowed and iced in. (element of suprise--ok, shock) Note the festive santa hats. We really stepped it up this year.

New Christmas Numbers

After all these years being jealous of Amber's Chirstmas shirt, we decided to create our own. I think these are pretty obnoxious. Just what we wanted. By the way, Matt made a Christmas Cow t-shirt.

Meet Matthew Starr

We had another guest for Christmas this year. He is a friend of Chelsey's from BYU Provo. He is from S. California and seems to be quite fond of our daughter. He is a lot of fun and full of energy. He went on a mission to Mexico and really knows his Spanish. He shares the Parham competitive edge and is possibly going into the Navy in April. Chelsey is in love with his blonde hair and green eyes.

It's Always Fun When Grandpa Comes

It was great fun to have gramps her for Christmas this year. This is 3 years in a row. He played his harmonica and did great on the chimes. I will never forget this 85 year old man bowling and staying up late doing puzzles. I hope I have his aging genes.

Oops I did it again!

Try not to be surprised. I know your thinking, "not Sherry, I know her and she is always so graceful and smooth". Sorry to bust your bubble but here it goes. It was late and Jim had already gotten into bed and I was hurrying to get there and the lights were out and the kind considerate wife I am didn't want to disturb him so I quickly leaned over to take my pants off and WHAM! I slammed my head onto my nightstand. I was screaming and writhing in pain flipping my body around in intense pain. Then about 5 min. later I hear Jim say weakly and disconcertingly, "you ok?" It left a huge bump between my eyes and the black and blue went to both eyes and down my nose. People were sure giving Jim strange looks. The purple bruise were on both eyelids and everyone thought I was experimenting with purple eyeshadow.
This was after I went to Fred Meyers and tripped and fell by the entrance. Bless Lacey for picking me up. How humiliating. Next I was hurring in the back entrance and hit the bench and put a bleeding gap in my shin. A cute bleeding triangle. That's not all. As I was leaving, I fell over a caution cone. The end

Monday, October 6, 2008


I forgot I lit my candle and I grabbed it to smell it and the hot wax poured over my nose and mouth and scalded my face and gave my shirt a batik look. No comments necessary.